Encouraging kimono use

From BBC news: Kyoto rewards kimono wearers

What a shame I don’t live in Kyoto. My recent kimono acquisitions are just begging to be worn oot and aboot. I think it’s a smashing idea to provide an incentive to dress up in traditional attire. The kilt is still very much in use in Scotland, although not on a daily basis. Most Scottish men wear kilts at weddings, funerals, and even graduation ceremonies. They don’t all own one though; there’s a fantastic rental trade that makes it a lot more affordable. To kit yourself out fully with a brand new kilt and accessories (jacket, shoes, sporran, special kilty hose, flashes) costs upwards of £700 nowadays.
That pales in comparison with ‘proper’ Japanese kimono. Debutantes in Japan pay around £500 just to rent a furisode (with those characteristic long, flappy sleeves) for a day. Second-hand kimono (plural, same thing as sheep) can be acquired from flea market and internet traders for a great deal less, but I understand it’s something of a taboo in their culture to re-use kimono. All the better for those of us non-Japanese who are simply fascinated with the beauty and intricacy of these works of art.


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