Wales gives it some welly

Watching the replay ‘cos we went for an invigorating walk this afternoon in an effort to avoid depressing ourselves. The first Welsh try was quite nice work, but the second was yet another mega Scottish blooper. Just what part of don’t do that again did they not understand? (Poor wee souls must be devastated…) Then I lost count of the Welsh tries, but mistakes were made.It was as if the man-marking failed miserably. We have the weakest defence of all the 6 nation sides; even the Italians could do a better job. (Plus, they have a good kicker. Poor ol’ Paterson tries his best, but he’s not one of life’s natural kickers. Not like Andy Merhtens anyway.) Wales definitely walked all over Scotland in the first half. How demoralising. Wales took their feet off the pedal later, and allowed Scotland three rather nice tries. So, Scotland’s defence was pathetic, but at least some tries were scored. That’s some consolation. However pitiful. Come on Scotland. You’ve got to do better against the Auld Enemy.


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