Wales goes for the Grand Slam

Gethin Jenkins, what fantastic footwork! Great instinct there, to kick it rather than scoop it up. Brill charge down!
John Hayes (No. 3) doesn’t look stereotypically Irish; he looks like he’s a member of the Munster family. 😉 (pun completely intentional)
16:16 edit: Wales 16-6 Ireland. It’s tight. O’Gara has made a few mistakes, and tried to make up for them with some good kicking. Wales seem a bit more determined and confident, as evidenced by a 5-man tackle of can’t-remember-who just off their touchline. Ireland are showing the occasional brilliance, but shame about the mutliple mistakes they’re making.
16:48 edit: It may be Morgan’s try, but boy oh boy was Shanklin storming! Great catch, run and pass. Went for the pass for a try rather than the glory. Lovely Welsh teamwork!
17:13 edit:So they’ve hardly touched the ball in the last 10 minutes… At least they finished the game with the ball in their hands… Wales have the Grand Slam!
Hip hip hurray for Wales!
Final score: Wales 32-20 Ireland.


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