Glutamate Grape (^o^) I wonder if it improves performance in the Morris water or T mazes.
Can’t stop smiling (^_^) Sero-Tonic (^_^) Ursa Major (^_^)

As for Scientific American’s editorial, it was bleeding hilarious! It was *almost* as good as what I think was the all-time great: T. rex DNA. It’s a real shame that ensembl didn’t archive the page, but a Google found this.

Guardian Unlimited has an April Fools’ quiz. Results:

Can you spot the April fools’ gags?
You scored 9 out of a possible 9
You’re no fool. April 1 holds no fears for someone with your ability to separate fact from fiction.

Sad, but true: I’d read in some Saturday/Sunday newspaper’s magazine that Alexander McQueen scribbled graffiti in the lining of Prince Charles’ jacket when he worked on Saville Row. As for elephants mimicing sounds, they’re very canny animals.


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