I’m not a Bayreuth junkie, honest.

Yikes! I would have never called myself an opera buff, but scored a freaky 80% on a mock Wagner Ring Cycle quiz on Guardian Unlimited:

“Wagner’s Ring
You scored 8 out of a possible 10
Evidently a Bayreuth junkie, you’ve clearly read the writing on Wotan’s spear and could get round Valhalla in a blindfold. If you’re not already wearing horns in your helmet, we suggest you lighten up and go to see Bernstein’s On the Town instead.”

It’s weird ‘cos I’ve never paid much attention to Wagner’s operas (something about his anti-semitism creeping into his art that I don’t like), and only saw “Das Rheingold” on BBC2 on Easter Sunday. BBC2 were meant to televise “The Walküre” live, but could only screen the first act as Bryn Terfel (as Wotan) was ill.

Then again, GU quizzes aren’t all that difficult. Of four options, there’s always one that’s too way-out (e.g. references to the OTHER ring trilogy, where Tolkein borrowed some of Wagner’s made-up mythology), one that’s too anchored in the real world, and one that’s close enough, but has a giveaway falseness you can guess around. Hmmm… That wasn’t very clear. I should make better notes of the GU quizzes when I do them.

Hey! I’ve just noticed that my weather pixie changes her kimono. It’s green now, but was red last night… Aye. She’s a true pixie all right.


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