Things that make my blood boil

Today’s Guardian Newsblog had a link to the MoJo blog, which linked to a post about the amount of TV news coverage concerning the genocide currently taking place in Sudan. American network news has reportedly given Martha Stewart five times as much coverage as the Darfur crisis. This is not a uniquely American deficiency. The same can be said about news-time in the UK. Since the tragedy of the Boxing Day tsunami, the main headlines have swung between Michael Jackson’s trial, various Tory and Labour policy failings, Charles and Camilla’s wedding (yawn), and Pope JPII’s illness and subsequent death. Such subjects should not be ignored, but, equally, should not be the non-stop focus of BBC/ITV/C4/C5’s news coverage. It’s as though the main news outlets have little interest in events that do not directly affect the affluent Western world (sometimes more effluent than affluent!). Surely with all the impetus to ‘drop the debt‘, and so many politicians heading out to Africa for photo shoots, the TV stations would pay more heed to what’s happening in Western Sudan. There’s a chance for peace in southern Sudan now, with reconstruction talks taking place. How about turning the spotlight to Darfur? One blogger has: Coalition for Darfur. Check it out.

As for Iraq, don’t get me started… I find it easier to cope with the anger and frustration with some black humour. Which is why Terry Jones writing for the Guardian has been very good for my sanity. His latest: Let them eat bombs. A-ha-ha.


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