Quiptic No. 281 and 282

Quiptic Crossword No. 282 set by Troll. Clues that stood out as either funny or appropriate:

  • Irritating little beast gains Conservative support (4)
    Cleg (Tee hee…)
  • We hear Rushdie and Fitzgerald, perhaps, are cause for ill feeling (11)
  • Fixes up operation for privates? (4)

And last week’s: Quiptic Crossword No. 281 set by Beale. I found this one quite difficult.

  • Fashionable royal connection (7-4)
    Windsor knot
  • Middling sort of performer (5-6)
    Belly dancer
  • Rejected help when unusually beset by illness (8)
    Diabetes (Anagram of aid and beset)
  • How to clean the carpet and go away (4-2)
    Beat it

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