So long and thanks for all the fish

I’ve been putting off watching the movie version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as it’s had mixed reviews. It started much better than I could have hoped, with only some bad dubbing/sound mixing bugging me (Ford and Zaphod’s voices were not entirely in synch). It was a shame they replaced the Total Perspective Vortex, but the replacement gadget is quite a relevant one to our times. I wonder if it was one of the changes Douglas Adams made himself, or approved of. The slight emphasis on the love story between Arthur Dent and Trillian seemed to have been inserted to please the studio. It’s not the same Trillian who dumps Random with Arthur because her career takes precedence. In summary, you can’t expect a movie to live up to a much-loved radio play or the “trilogy-of-5” books, but this version is a passable addition to the HHGTTG stable. Akatsuki gives it ✩✩✩✩ (out of 5).

For a touch of nostalgia, visit the BBC’s HHGTTG site. And turn your radio on to Radio 4 tomorrow evening at 1830h BST for the Fourth Quandry, or check out Radio 4‘s website for a repeat before the following Tues. And if you require further evidence of Adams’ genius, have a look at the first wiki-style site he kicked-off: the h2g2.

A short rant about audiences. Why don’t you guys laugh anymore? Maybe it was just ‘cos we watched it in a multiplex… The only time anyone laughed was when the emergency pod squashed the crab. I felt quite embarrassed sniggering on my own, and missed the fan-girl/boy audience we get at the Dominion. Also, why do most people leave as the credits start? The entire audience missed out on the launching of the Vl’hurg and G’Gugvant battle fleets to Earth.

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