General Election 2005 coverage

Very sad this… We’re playing bingo, using bingo cards from the Times. We have strict rules: it must be on BBC2’s coverage (David Dimbleby and friends on BBC2 Scotland, as BBC1 has been dedicated to Scottish news). No channel hopping to BBC1 or ITV purely to get words.

22-something: Plus point of GE2005… Kirsty Wark has been banished to Folkstone. She can go patronise them Southerners instead.

2255h: Congratulations to Lizo from Newsround. He’s been promoted to adult TV!

2325h: Where are these extra Tory votes coming from? In the North East of England, for crying out loud! Apathetic Labour voters staying home? Or many secret Tories, crawling out of their rabbit warrens?

2336h: Here’s a scary thought: Boris Johnson and Anne Widdecombe are one and the same, kinda like Zaphod Beeblebrox with his 2 heads. Either that or they share the same wig.

2339h: Jeermy Paxman at it again. Attack dog! And Ian Hislop lowers the tone of proceedings. You go guys! Paxman: “Disgraceful shouting match!” Dimbleby: “Bun fight!”

2343: Peter Snow’s new swingometer with 3D men and battlefield schematics is pretty cool indeed. Perhaps they should program Weta’s “Massive” software with MPs’ personalities, and count all 646 run away from the orcs and Uruk-Hais.

2357: First Scottish constituency, Rutherglen and Hamilton, sees a 4% drop for Labour, a massive 7% up-turn for the Lib Dems, and rather surprisingly, a 2% drop for the SNP.

Continued in a new post so it’s dated accurately.


One thought on “General Election 2005 coverage

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