Bad wolf

“Bad wolf” was mentioned again on tonight’s episode of Doctor Who. The first time I remember hearing it was in the third episode, The Unquiet Dead, when Gwyneth tells Rose she sees a “big bad wolf” just as the Doctor walks in to the scullery. In the following episode, Aliens of London, some kid on the estate sprayed “BAD WOLF” graffiti on the Tardis. And in tonight’s episode, The Long Game, someone (I think it was Cathica) mentions “bad wolf” again (Bad Wolf TV). I missed references from the other episodes, but came across a comprehensive list on Scott’s Place (while browsing through Flickr and looking for examples of moblogging…).

Apparently, there might be some denouement in the 12th episode, entitled “Bad Wolf”. Don’t miss it. As for the image on the right, it’s a crop of a screen capture of BBC’s main Doctor Who site. When you mouse over the bottom right-hand corner, a red tinged image of a dog appears, and if you click on it, “badwolf” appears. Hadn’t noticed that before. I’m also enjoying the Who is Doctor Who? site. I especially love the ‘sightings’ (click on the “Contact the webmaster” link). It has the feel of those fan forums which list the sightings of their favourite celebrity. I wholly approve of the way my licence fee is being spent.

09 May ’05 edit: Possible annotation for The Long Game. When Cathica gets spiked, is that a reference to the way newspaper editors “spike” (kill) articles? It’s just something I remember coming across on, as an annotation to The Truth. In that instance, the spike is in it’s physical state, not just jargon. This may refer to the Editor keeping stories suppressed by removing suspicions from his journalists’ minds. Of course, closer to home, in neuroscience, a spike refers to action potential that relays a signal along an axon, and thus refer to the process by which information is spiked into Cathica’s brain.

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One thought on “Bad wolf

  1. a spike used to be a piece of standard office equipment – which was a metal spike set in a piece of wood – and used papers were just stabbed onto it. They probably got phased out on health and safety issues – they were dangerous fearsome things.

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