Cruel Charlton

Too shocked to talk about it. Four times. And despite the efforts of waste-of-space-Freedman and Andy Johnson… Who’d have thought WBA would win their final game? Sympathies to Norwich too; what a way to go. And as for Dundee Utd, P ain’t happy. Relegation looms after countless seasons of near-misses. It’s total silence in the flat this afternoon.

Bloody Charlton.

Update: Still can’t believe WBA stayed up. Bottom since Christmas. Good on them, I suppose. But I can’t believe they stayed up.

As for Southampton, I feel for you. The seeds of failure were pretty much sown by Rupert Lowe and the board’s meddling and public grousing about Paul Sturrock. That may be an unfair thing to say, as Sturrock maintains that he left under mutual agreement. Let that be a lesson to Glazert; don’t touch what you don’t know nothing about. :p

2240h edit: Wonder if anyone will turn this day of hurt into a film: Relegation Day. It’d be a reet good comic tragedy…

2245h edit: Just saw the WBA goal on MOTD. Speculation: Portsmouth rolled over like a slutty cat wanting her belly scratched (sorry Muran) purely to hurt Redknapp. And Jonathan (Bad) Fortune should have been sent off (not an objective comment… a bit partisan here…). And was David James’ change of shirt the first time a goalie has played up front (not as a keeper, but one of the ten)?


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