Nice piece of graffito

Graffiti on Rocheid Path I
Graffiti on Rocheid Path I
Originally uploaded by framboise.

Another nice day, wasted by following the final day of the Premiership on BBCi. and we didn’t even get the results we wanted. What a bummer. The day was at least salvaged by an evening walk and the discovery of some rather good graffiti along the Water of Leith. There’s a small path that runs beside the Water, on Rocheid Path, on the other side of the Water from the Stockbridge colonies. At the Inverleith Park end of the path is a substation, where we came across some (possibly Noel Gallagher?) graffiti. (We’re in some disagreement over who is meant to be represented. I thought it could have been of one of the Gorillaz, but am too clueless about contemporary musicians to be sure. It could have been a self-portrait by the artist or some generic hairy male…)


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