Fit the twenty-first

Two suns


Gimp-ed and uploaded by framboise.

In which Arthur Dent joins the mile high club, Ford Prefect gets a well-deserved kip, Rob McKenna has his 15 minutes of fame, and our heroes meet Wonko the Sane outside the Asylum to ping a bowl that does not possess a bathroom manufacturer’s stamp.

For a proper synopsis and the repeat, check out Radio 4’s HHGTTG Quandary phase pages. So far, the radio play is panning out better than the book, paring the story down to the essential humourous dialogue and mental images that made the first two series so popular.

And in episode three of the classic TV series, the Heart of Gold orbits the legendary planet of Magrathea, I get annoyed about Zaphod’s accent again, laugh at the showerhead-like ship, and wonder when I will stop writing the way the narrator speaks.

Do ask: Can you afford a Magrathean planet?

Don’t ask: Is there any tea on this spaceship?

Edit: A shocking report that the good old cuppa is on the decline in the UK. (If you have £995 to spare, the Mintel report is here.) I blame the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation‘s Nutrimatic drinks machine. Share and enjoy!

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