Lettuce fleece you

My thanks to Ros Taylor of The Wrap Roundup for this funny wee piece in the Spectator (registration required): The great lettuce conspiracy. It’s made my day… We’ve stopped buying as much bagged salad as we used to in our supermarket-shopping days. But every now and again, we succumb when we’re tired and hungry, and just cannot be bothered. Then we wonder why we bothered to buy such an insipid collection of limp leaves that brown in a day anyway. Every year, round about now, we plant all sorts of seeds, onion sets and seed tatties in the veggie patch on the farm. And rocket is always one of my favourites, simply because it just grows, without any input from us. I tried growing rocket in a pot indoors last year (in my south-facing, sunny bay window), and it worked fine too (and would be sustainable if you have your own supply of compost). This year, however, everything vegetable-wise has gone to pot, as I seem to spend every weekend sorting through ten years of accumulated junk, and fighting to get into the local Shelter shop to deposit the better pieces of our collection of detritus. So, no home-grown salad or potatoes for us this summer. Normal service will resume when our move is finally completed. And if anyone reading knows if there are such things as allotment plots in LA, please let me know… I don’t think I can afford to rent a house with a garden in La-la land on my meagre salary.


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