Concepts of conception

Quick plug here for Gunnella‘s online questionnaire about pregnancy myths. A bit of background: Gunnella is nearing the end of her M.A. in folklore studies, and is writing about the beliefs and customs of pregnancy across cultures. Men are also encouraged to fill-out her survey, as it’s more about what you perceive as common knowledge, rather than personal experience of mothers.

Not having had any kids myself, I was quite surprised how much information has filtered through my non-maternal ears via colleagues, friends and relatives. I was also amazed how often I was annotating my answers as information gleaned from sources like Cosmo (even though I read only 3 or 4 girly magazines a year). Just how much of all that pregnancy advice floating out there in the mass media is accurate? And on a trivial note, I’d like to reserve “Coll Tiree” as a potential baby name, and maybe “Rum Eigg” too. (All because Santos and Anthony were discussing Donovan Leitch, who has a daughter named Ione Skye.)


3 thoughts on “Concepts of conception

  1. …and i’d like to reserve kingfisher and shrimpboat for mine, please.

    obvs i have a way to go (in many ways) before gestation can even commence.

  2. >Gunnella
    You’re most welcome. It was nae bother… 😉

    Shrimpboat? You’d better start saving for the psychiatry bills now…

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