Bibimbap-inspired dinner

Ghost cook

Ghost cook

Originally uploaded by framboise.

Following our introduction to possibly the second-best fried rice I’ve ever had (Grandma’s can’t be beat), we gave it a shot with the minimal contents of our fridge. Ideally, we should have used bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber/courgettes, shiitake mushrooms, and other pretty veggies, but we only had broccoli, chestnut mushrooms and onions in our very depleted veg basket. The vegetables were fried briefly in some sesame oil and added to some cooked Thai rice (short-grain or glutinous rice might have been better). Two sunny-side up eggs (fried on the stove ‘cos we didn’t have a hot enough pot) were stirred into the veg/rice mix quickly, along with some miso paste and sesame oil. Despite not having any of the correct ingredients, nor using a hot stone bowl, it worked reasonably well. I only realised later that we should have added some ground/minced beef to the mix, and kicked myself for not using the ostrich mince that’s been sat in the fridge for a fortnight. Never mind, eh.

To go with the rice, some bulgogi-inspired marinated beef. Again, no recipe, so total guesswork led us to try marinating slices of beef steak in a couple of tablespoons of red miso paste, a tablespoon of rice wine, a tablespoon of sesame oil and a good sprinkling of sesame seeds. Oh, and lots of black pepper and some nanami. Fried on a tabletop gas stove, in the only pot that fits my stove: the steamboat! Shovelled down throat while watching football. Bliss!

Miso-marinated beef

Miso-marinated beef

Originally uploaded by framboise.


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