Dead parrot

From BBC news: Jack says no to poll.


Also from the BBC, an idiot’s guide to the EU constitution:

Division of Responsibilities

What the constitution says:

The EU already has rights to legislate over external trade and customs policy, the internal market, the monetary policy of countries in the eurozone, agriculture and fisheries and many areas of domestic law including the environment and health and safety at work.

The constitution will extend its rights into some new areas, perhaps most importantly into justice policy, especially asylum and immigration. It does away with the old structure of pillars under which some policies came under the EU and some under “inter-governmental” arrangements.

What it means:

It means a greater role for the EU in more aspects of life. In some areas, the EU will have exclusive competence, in others a shared competence and in yet more, only supporting role.

I’ve just realised the Lib Dems’ manifesto on immigration and asylum was a bloody cop-out.

From the BBC comparison chart of the three main parties:

Back common EU asylum policy with fair sharing of asylum settlement; allow asylum seekers to work so don’t rely on benefits; quota for immigrant workers from outside EU based on skills.

Glad I wasn’t taken in. This time…


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