Müesli feelings

From BBC news: Baby step forward. (via Europhobia)

It’s great that majority of the Swiss people have acknowledged the need for gay couples to have the same partnership rights as conventional married straight couples. [Rant on] I don’t personally know any gay couples with children, but from what I see of heterosexual couples with children who they don’t appreciate and cannot care for sufficiently, I don’t see why having two mothers or two fathers who are determined to be good parents is a bad thing. Surely those who have to adopt or go through fertility treatment have an extra period in which to reflect on whether they really want to take on the responsibility of having kids. How does that compare to a drunken one-night stand that results in an unwanted pregnancy? [Rant off]


One thought on “Müesli feelings

  1. [bullshit on] ohh umm ahh disasterous social consequences! family values! pandora’s box! slippery slope! Leviticus! St Paul!….[bullshit off]

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