Navel oranges 1

The Curious Hamster has clearly been up late partially baking pastry (it’s description, not mine, and given that it is a hamster, naturally nocturnal anyway). And I’m wondering if there was something introspective in the Scottish air last night.

[B*llsh*t On2] On one of our infrequent evening walks yesterday, I voiced aloud to P a concern that, really, deep down, I am one evil-minded, cunning, selfish latent-Thatcherite. Despite my attempts to pass myself off as a wishy-washy, Malbec-quaffing, chickpea-eating liberal, I can think the most devious thoughts. I’m as capable as right-wing nationalists of generalising vast swathes of people, if not by their country of origin, then by their political allegiance (see, I’ve done it again!). Example: I am liable to think that my native race is mainly concerned with profit and puts status ahead of genuine worth (and before anyone else thinks it, I’m not a banana). I silently curse queue jumpers, people with massive baby strollers/prams that run over my feet, tourists walking three-or-more abreast, those Tattoo coaches that make it impossible to cross town during the Festival when you’re late for an experiment, and tall people who sit or stand in front of me, thus blocking my view. And I openly rant and rave about, amongst other things, people being people.

P and I agreed that I am inherently selfish, but I hope to [insert deity of choice or favourite law of physics here] that consciously stopping myself from acting out every depraved thought is what makes me not just human, but humane. And while I may fail everyday to live up to my ideals, it’s a far better scenario than to just give up entirely. [B*llsh*t Off]

1If you came mistakenly hoping to read about navel oranges, my favourite of all the citrus, I apologise, and send you here instead. Ah, the happy mutation that gives us those little orange buds to fight over when splitting an orange… (Oh damn, I’m doing it again!)

2Courtesy of anthony.


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