Compare and contrast

Watching a bit of C-Span to try to cure the insomnia.

“We are united in our determination that our country will not be defeated by such terror but will defeat it and emerge from this horror with our values, our way of life, our tolerance and respect for others, undiminished.” –Tony Blair.

And from across the floor: “”The faceless killers behind last Thursday’s attack brought death and tragedy to many innocent families. They have tried with the fires of hate to destroy the bonds of love. But since their attacks we have seen compassion and self-sacrifice prove themselves stronger than fanaticism and evil.” –Michael Howard.

Compare and contrast to:

“We will continue to take the fight to the enemy. And we will fight until this enemy is defeated. [snip] America will not retreat in the face of terrorists and murderers.” –George Bush.

Clearly, Dubya thinks that offense is the best defence. I take offence at that.

Also, addressing Dubya’s declaration that “America will not retreat”, see Commemoration Day vs. chicken American troops.

To erase the annoying whine of the Bush along with the sycophantic clapping of the carefully chosen “crowd”, playing on the ipod: Explode (or implode), Cardigans.

Wee update: I’d like to add badly dubbed boy’s discovery of yet another self-centered twat to the list: Omarion. I really have no idea who this guy is, but I like google-bombing even though my low ranking will hardly help.


2 thoughts on “Compare and contrast

  1. The impression I’m getting over here is that for half the country, Bush is *the* man, and for the other half, the most embarassing pres ever.

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