Sick f*cks. (via curious hamster and doctor vee)

Nosemonkey, too, is well-angry. Although I wouldn’t go as far as placing ALL the blame on the damn BNP (but it would be a plus if there is a massive backlash against the bastards from the entire country), I would stick my neck out now and say it’s not just them, but also the “low-level” racism on a daily basis that gives young people the feeling that they’re being persecuted, that only [insert cult or religion of choice here] can give them a way out of the shit-hole they’re in.

Sorry for the serious time-delay, btw. I’m too darn busy at work to check the news and other weblogs, and too darn tired when I get in. So much so that I fell asleep on the laptop’s keyboard last night, and b*ggered up the post I was trying to write. Lost it now… (Or, have been losing it and have only just realised…)

Update: chicken yoghurt has a long list of considered opinions by a wide range of British bloggers. I strongly urge a read, if not of the posts, then at least of the choice quotes.


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