My £28 [loses to/beats] your £5

In anticipation.

Update: I meant to come back to this to write my thoughts about Liverpool’s loss/win over the minnows that are Total Network Solution, but nothing. Nada. Not one spark of inspiration. Instead, I was engrossed in the annual saga of “Will he stay or won’t he?” that has involved every home-grown talent from Liverpool for the last few years. Funnily enough, there’s a bit of a trend there for impressive talent, peaking in the early 20s, waning quickly (usually after 4-5 years of service), and a hurry to sell to the first chump squad that believes the hype. Honestly, which of the recent born-and-breds has succeeded upon leaving ‘pool? If anything, we’ve cursed Man City with the g’awful Liverpool B -side.


5 thoughts on “My £28 [loses to/beats] your £5

  1. My life doesn’t revolve around the Ashes, ya know… 😉

    But on the subject of the most exciting Ashes in recent history, perhaps a small bet of some sort is in order. Something culinary?

  2. [Whisper] I’ll agree when you tell me what a paperback is… (unless you’re referring to books, in which case, name your title) [/whisper]

  3. IT’S A BOOK

    oh sorry, ah yes that’s better, can’t find a copy of Gravity’s Rainbow here for love or money so that. What’s yer wager then?

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