Popping in

Busy at work (don’t ask), busy at play (more on that next week on the other blog). So much so I haven’t read or written much all week other than lots of boring science. curious hamster has posted the inaugral weekly Scottish political blog round-up (stress on the weekly, because Stuart posted a round-up many moons ago).

Sighs. Just linking to others for now. No cogitation going on up there. Wee edit: Umm… I should clarify that I’m referring to *my* lack of writing and my bad habit of merely linking to commentary by others, not dissing the quality of the round-up. (See comments for apology… Oh, I feel so bad…)


Further brief ruminations on nationality. My new colleagues consider me Scottish, even though I explained that I wasn’t born in Scotland, nor have any Scottish ancestry. To them, and my friends in Edinburgh, I’ve lived there long enough to have picked up some mannerisms, expressions and a wee bit of an accent (although I still swear I have nae accent!). I find myself having to defend Scottish/British sporting sides (easy enough) and London’s Olympic victory (ambivalence from me). But since my link there is by residency (and by having a Scottish partner), to all the governmental agencies here, I’m not. Which makes filling out forms pretty difficult. I’ve been putting my Edinburgh flat as my permanent address, with Singapore as my country of nationality (and legal residency). Sooner or later, I’ll come a cropper when someone in some bureaucratic office finds the discrepancy. So, although I’m posting infrequently, if you don’t hear from me in the space of a fortnight, send a rescue mission to Cuba…


3 thoughts on “Popping in

  1. Sighs. Just linking to others for now. No cogitation going on up there.

    I’m afraid that’s all there’ll ever be when I’m writing it. :o)

    The name kind of gives the wrong impression so there’s been some confusion about this. Links are really all the roundup is intended to be. The idea is to link to a variety of interesting or thought provoking individual blog posts representing the diversity of Scottish political blogging. The roundup is intended to be as objective as possible so the readers decide for themselves you good they are.

    BTW, I’d say you definitely are enough of a Scot to qualify. I was actually going to include one of your posts but for the fact it contained a link to BSSC so I thought it might look, er, less than objective. (Not that this is in any way a complaint of course, far from it,links are great.)

  2. Oh no! That’s not what I meant…. I MUST start phrasing myself more accurately. I was referring to *my* lack of decent commentary, and definitely not slagging off the round-up.

    I’m so sorry if I gave the wrong impression. Really… Oh no! (slinks away feeling really bad now…)

    Enjoyed reading all the posts, btw… I hadn’t read most of the blogs listed, and was very impressed by the diversity despite the week’s events.

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