England triumph in Women’s Ashes

This is brilliant. English women’s sports teams seem to be doing better and better these days. Although they didn’t get far enough in the Women’s European Championships (footie), they certainly upped the profile of the women’s game. Perhaps this Ashes victory will inspire more girls to play cricket in school. I wish I had the option back then… We played bloody netball (sucked at that), basketball (too damn short for that), softball (yawn…), volleyball (ouch, my wrists!), athletics (double yawn) and various racquet-and-ball games. While it got us out in the open and physically active, none of these school-sponsered sports fired my imgaination, nor gave me a sport for life. Should have been cricket. Or maybe rugby… (Still too damn short, but I’d make a decent prop for my height/weight… Be useless at line-outs though.)

Oh. The men ain’t doing too bad either. As evidenced by my total lack of sleep last night, what with BBC’s TMS playing on the laptop, waking me with every wicket!


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