Back in Embra

Originally uploaded by framboise.

For a wee visit, then off to Elgin, Rouen, Paris and back to LA. Never have I travelled so much in such a short space. I’ve neglected my duty as a circadian biologist, failing to collect blood samples to measure my cortisol levels (which are probably at a constant high at the moment).

Something that struck me on the flight back was the sudden surge in cricket commentators in the newspapers. Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on the Ashes. And nobody looks at me in a funny way when I talk about England’s all-new bowling prowess. Hey guys, where were you in the slim years? Hope you all stay the course, ’cause following British teams ain’t for the faint-hearted. Look at Scotland’s rugby and football teams: heartbreakers all (OK, tonight’s result was a bit of a fluke). And England’s aren’t any better either, what with a seriously demoralised post-World Cup rugby team, and an inconsistent football team that could not beat Northern Ireland (good on them, btw). And now the cricket… Please Vaughn and gang, I don’t want to be left sobbing after yet another close call.

But should you guys succeed… Well, you deserve:


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