It’s been a crazy wee week… I think we must have gone into every single women’s clothes shop in Edinburgh to find me something to wear for a wedding on Saturday. Fortunately, it’s not my own, so I can afford to look a little less than perfect (ha! like I ever could…). But all the same, when photos have to last as long as the marriage, you don’t want to look like a gimp in someone else’s album…

On the not-so-girly front, I think I chose the best week to come home. There’s been footie (yay Scotland, silly England) and cricket. OMG the cricket! I missed it so, so much… And although it’s great to watch the Ashes on telly, and not have to wake up at 3am, LA time, to catch the start of the day’s play, I feel like I’m missing something… I think it’s that feeling of despair. For once, although I’m still apprehensive about England’s chances of winning outright, I don’t have the “Oh well, we’ll never be as good as the Aussies” thought constantly nagging me. It’s a pleasant sensation indeed.

I reckon it’s going to be down to the Hoggy-baby, Freddie and Harmy trio versus the Warne, Lee, McGrath trinity. Whatever they say about the Oval, this is going to be a bowler’s test…

Come on England!


3 thoughts on “Sports-mad

  1. Just like to say congratulations. There was a moment yesterday when I dared dream the impossible dream but not to be. A well deserved win and I owe you a book.

  2. Ach well… It could have gone either way. Which makes it good fun for us spectators.

    I missed the nail-biting. Was in France at the time, where no one gives a hoot about cricket.

    As for the book, something cricket-related? And I think, to be fair since it was a close one, I owe you a book as well.

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