KitKat vs Tunnock’s wafer

Santos writes about a whole snap* of KitKats, which, despite knowing they’re probably full of E numbers, make me crave that feeling of teeth sinking into the yielding, softly crunching wafer, accompanied by the brush of the lips with a smear of chocolat. Which lasts all of 5 seconds, after which the whole finger is consumed, never to see daylight again.

Not that I’ve had a KitKat in many, many years. For they are manufactured by that naughty conglomerate: Nestlé. I’ve been boycotting these guys so long, I’ve almost forgotten why! But fortunately, a brave (or foolhardy) food blogger subjected himself to a gawd-awful Lean Cuisine meal recently, made by the self-same company, and included this link.

And the irony? My dad used to work for Nestlé. I grew up on Nestlé powdered milk. I spent my childhood eating food manufactured by Nestlé’s subsidiary: Maggi. And I even had dolls from Switzerland, thanks to my dad spending months at a time out there. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Although I’ve been KitKat-deprived for years, fortunately for my junk food cravings, I was living in Scotland: home to Tunnock’s, makers of the Caramel Wafer. The Caramel Wafer (and it deserves those capitals) is one you either love or hate. Unlike a KitKat, it takes some time to devour (savour, if you wannae be posh about it). That thin layer of sticky caramel makes it all the more special; sticking the soggy wafer to your teeth for the rest of the day. And while the chocolate coating has as little cocoa in it as KitKat’s, it’s a wee bit thicker and less sweet. Now, that I miss! A lot!

*as suggested by manthatcooks

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