Monet aux Pixels

bleu et or Cut
Negative Colour palette

If you were in Rouen this summer, you would have seen a light show (Cathedrales en Lumiere) projected on the west facade of Rouen’s Cathedral, famous for a series of experimental paintings by Monet. The series is scattered all over the world, and I’ve only seen a few: a few housed at the Musée d’Orsay, one at the Louvre, and one or two others (can’t remember which ones), which were part of the touring Monet exhibition a few years ago at the National Gallery in London. They give an insight into how Monet experimented with his technique, as artists are wont to do. I don’t get all the art-farty significance of it all, and can only say “Oh look! Pretty piccie!”. All the same, I was sorry not to be able to show P the gorgeous collection of Impressionist art at the Musée d’Orsay due to poor planning on my part (and being ill too). And as a double-whammy, my fall-back, the Orangerie, was closed for renovations. It looks like they’re expanding the place. Hope the builders they’ve got in are more careful than the norm: there are some precious Monet murals of water lilies in the basement. Now, you wouldn’t want a burst main to flood that particular cellar, would you?

Some links to online images of Monet’s Rouen Cathedrale series (will add more later; feeling lazy):

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