Blairgowrie man is world champion

Here’s a first for Blair(gowrie): one of their local sons is the current world champion.

Of stone skimming.

Yes, you read it right. To be added to the list of top-class sporting events: World Stone Skimming Championships! Held on Easdale Island, on the west coast of Scotland, they take stone skimming seriously enough to have regulation stones.

A reliable source (read: P) informs me that it made the news (i.e. the evening news in Scotland), and gave him a jolt when he recognised the champion stone skimmer as a classmate of his brother’s. (Other trivia you didn’t want to know: the champion’s brother was in P’s year in school, and good at footie. Ach, small town people… They all know each other… I lived in a country with only 3 million people and I hardly knew anyone except my classmates. And I only ever met 2 people in school who went on to fame, don’t know about fortune…)

A bit of research (read: searching the Scotsman’s website) found these two articles. Knock yourselves out (you may need to register):

So, well done, Dougie Isaacs!

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