Doing anything this weekend? I wish I wasn’t…

Even on regular days, I’m not exactly a sociable animal; more like a hermit crab. But this weekend, the need for solitude is greater. For I have just purchased TP’s Thud and NG’s Anansi Boys. And I rented Donnie Darko – the director’s cut last night, and was too tired to watch it.

Unfortunately, despite the last two weeks’ respite, my fledgling social life is kicking off again. Tonight: drinks and Corpse Bride. Tomorrow: some work, picking up a colleague’s Jeep from somewhere in SM, and dinner with the neighbours. Sunday: NG is giving a wee talk at the West Hollywood Book Festival. And I haven’t been boarding since getting back from Scotland/France… What’s a lazy gal to do? Tell everyone to bugger off? My books and I need some quality time together…

I’m not really complaining. This is, after all, why I upped sticks: to get out of the house more, to have a social life, to be more physically active, to bask in enough sunlight to banish the last ten years of SAD (although why we can’t have the sun and cool weather, i just don’t know), to experience the craziness that is la la land.

Update: Books finished. Both fantastic reads (but I’m biased; having read most of what both authors have written). Jeep safely delivered. Corpse Bride was super. Only thing I didn’t manage to do was go to the beach. Oh well; it’ll always be there…

Update 2: Went to the WeHo Book Fair, yapped about it on the other blog

Update 3: Donnie Darko is a bleak film indeed. But I enjoyed it. Since it’s probably been reviewed to death already, I won’t bother (lazy git and all).

Update 4: My, I’ve been having fun. Been to see Mirrormask. Enjoyed it.


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