More tapioca boba than pearls, me…

Tagged by the curious hamster for a meme on where bloggers write their “pearls of wisdom”. Ha! I’m much more likely to cook sago pearls than write wisdom. And since I’m avoiding writing work-stuff again, and waiting for the cable guy (who is now three-quarters of an hour late), here is a photo of my new beloved:

Work station 1

As you can see, she sits on my dining table when I’m at home, although sometimes she joins me on the sofa when I’m watching a DVD on the telly. And next to her, the ever-present cuppa. Rationale? I always try to sit facing a window, even if it doesn’t have much of a view (the patio is in serious need of some greenery). Anything else is too claustrophobic.

As for tagging people, well… How about Gunnella, manthatcooks and the meme graveyard (Santos)?

Update: Cable guy didn’t turn up. Hacked off.


4 thoughts on “More tapioca boba than pearls, me…

  1. Apologies; was in a rather flippant mood yesterday. Cheers for joining in. It’s always good to see we’re not alone in our odd computer habits.

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