Edinburgh City flip-flops

From BBC news: Longer parking to help city shops.

Ha! I see falling revenues have pushed the Council to review their draconian parking limits in Edinburgh’s city centre. We don’t normally drive to the shops, seeing as we live but a 20 minute walk away from the West End. But even when we do want to drive in, we don’t use the council’s lots because it would end up costing us 40 quid in fines cos there’s no way you can navigate the crazy pavements of Princes/George St and get all your shopping done in 50 minutes.

On the other hand, I thought the limitations on parking was to discourage people from driving into the city centre. Edinburgh’s roads are by no way as crazy as LA’s, but there are fewer lanes, which tend to get clogged up by legal and illegal parking.

Kinda sad, but predictable, that the council obviously puts profits over principles.


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