yay! decent bread in LA…

I’ve been pretty lucky so far, living close to Amandine on Wilshire Blvd, where I get my weekly fix of French pastries. There’s also a Belgian chocolatier on Wilshire, which is also meant to have good croissants. Le Pain Quotidient in Santa Monica was one of my first stops for a post-beach breakfast when I lived in Venice. (There’s a branch in Westwood near all the cinemas too.) And you can get a darn good baguette at the West LA Farmers’ Market if you’re not too late (plus the baker is a really nice guy who gave me a whole bag of rolls for nothing last week because he had no baguettes left!).

And it looks like a new glut of bakeries are opening across the city. This is all good news for P, who is a big bread fan. And while there’s nothing better than home-baked bread, I make it so rarely that we have to find that fix elsewhere. It doesn’t help that Flickerite/food blogger/maker of mouthwatering dishes-Santos posts beautiful photos of bread that makes me want to give up my day job and just bake, bake bake…


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