From theguardian: What can women actually do?

Gordon Ramsay has declared that women can’t cook: “Seriously,” he cried in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph, “there are huge numbers of young women out there who know how to mix cocktails but can’t cook to save their lives, whereas men are finding their way into the kitchen in ever-growing numbers. Trust me: I am only telling you what I’ve discovered.”
At the dewier end of this year, the president of Harvard University, Larry Summers, claimed women can’t do science.

Pow! And Pow again!

And for the lesson in how to give your new TV show instant high ratings, see the original article here.


2 thoughts on “Oof!

  1. I wonder if that’s because our mothers convinced us learning to cook would see us chained to a stove for all eternity…

    (And I do so know how to cook, despite this, as do all my young female friends. Cocktails… not so much.)

  2. That may be the case for some… Me, not so much. My mother cooked for fun, and so I’ve never viewed it as a chore. (Can’t do much with cocktails either…)

    Ramsay was probably just trying to wind us up, the chauvanist pig that he is…

    All the same, [mini rant on]
    I don’t see anything wrong with women choosing not to cook, and their partners (male or otherwise…) taking on those responsibilities.

    But to lump all women together is to do the ones who do take their cooking seriously (like us) a disservice, and an insult to those who choose not to cook (or can’t be arsed, doesn’t matter why).

    I was particularly offended that Ramsay made his point with the unspoken assumption that women are *supposed* to be able to cook, that it’s their responsiblity or role in life. I can’t be having with folk who generalise based on gender…
    [mini rant off]

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