The world can’t wait

Drive out the Bush regime!

The world can't wait I

Demonstration in Westwood last night, looping around Westwood, taking in the Federal Building and the southern end of UCLA’s campus. Seemed an all-encompassing demonstration, with representation from various ends of the political spectrum, all with a common dislike (may be too mild, try hated…) of the Bush regime.

Wish I had better photos to show, but it’s difficult to walk and shoot, although I’m sure the firearm-bearing motorcade would have had no problems. Favourite poster of the night: good bush, bad bush (use your imagination).

The talk around my end of campus (overheard while wandering the medical plaza with my student, looking for reagents to scrounge) was more of how folk had been given half the afternoon off to get off campus before the roads were shut, and somewhat less about taking part in the political process. Which made me think about how some sections of society have become so comfortable that they fail to look outside their little circle. Sure, they’ll give money to charities when disasters like Hurrican Katrina strike. But should something affect the comfort and regularity of their daily lives, instead of stopping to discuss why there is such disaffection with the current US government, they bitch about having to pick up their kids early and the traffic jams they’ll have to endure to get home.

P and I walked with them, then walked home. No problems whatsoever.

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