On many online things, I’m a real late-adopter. So, three years after the inception of Audioscrobbler, I’ve joined in. Like wonderful electric, my collection isn’t much to brag about (actually, his is rather better than mine). Perhaps if I was willing to take more risks and download music via torrent-like apps, I’d have a better collection of new tracks. But since everything on my iPod/powerbook comes from my CD collection, it’s embarrassingly fuddy-duddy and BritPop-y. I know I’m not the only person under 60 to enjoy classical music, but how many have Andras Schiff as their current top overall artist on

Something needed to be done about this appalling out-of-touchness. Easy solution? A few not-too-expensive purchases from iTunes (US):

Since my new policy is not to buy stuff I don’t want to have to pay to ship home, buying songs/albums via iTunes is not a bad way to plump up my music collection. Although the US and UK versions have different catalogues, it’s probably not a bad thing to try out non-British bands, and even sample some country music. I miss browsing in Avalanche (ex-lunchtime haunt), Fopp (weekend timewasting) or the Stockbridge charity shops (where my entire LP collection of old jazz and classical recordings was purchased). But looking through the “neighbours” option on makes up for it, introducing me to music I’ve never come across, and reassuring me that my eclectic mix is not that uncommon.

And should any passing reader with good taste in music feel like helping out a prematurely-aged (music-wise) blogger, some suggestions in the comments would be nice.


2 thoughts on “music/muzak

  1. I’m not much of a country music fan, but I looove the Two Dollar Pistols. They’re very honky-tonk. I don’t know if they are available on iTunes, but they are on Emusic.

  2. Muchas gracias, bunch of pants! I’ll add them to my list of artists to download…

    [take that(!), people who accuse my music of being coldplay-centric! hah!]

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