chicken in lemon and milk

No photos today. It’s strange how on some days we’re just trigger-happy, and on others the camera doesn’t even come out of its case. So you’ll just have to take my word for how good today’s chicken in milk was. Originally a Jamie recipe, modified (i.e. made easy for lazy people) by us.

Brown your chicken in a deep pan. Drain off the excess fat. Cut a lemon in two give it a wee squeeze before throwing in the whole thing anyway. Pour in about a (British) pint of milk (that’s just over 586ml in metric, but I usually just pour until I remember to stop, so I’ve never any idea just how much I’ve used). Throw in several cloves of garlic (we always start with three, but end up adding five or more. Needless to say, our breath honks after.) Stick in the oven at 190C for around 45 min. (There are rules of thumbs for gauging how long to cook a chicken by weight. If I’m being particular, I check them out and follow them. Otherwise, I guess. This was no spring chicken, but no gargantuan either, so 45 minutes seemed sufficient.) In the meantime, faff around and forget to prepare anything to go with the chicken. Remember at around the 45 minute mark, and grab some angel hair pasta from the store cupboard. Take the chicken out while the pasta is cooking. Let it rest. It’s a bit exhausted from being in the heat, you know. Don’t bin the curdled milk in the pan: reduce it! (um, technical term for boiling some of it away until it’s a bit thicker) Shred some of the tender breast into the pasta or noodles, pour over the reduced curdled milky jus, tuck the napkin in and attack with a fork. If being posh, don’t bother with all that and serve carved pieces of chicken with some mashed tatties and roasted veggies (yeah right, like we ever plan in advance and have everything in). Bitch about how significant other never takes photos of your cooking even though you’ve been slaving away over a hot TV watching Stargate. Blog about how crap you are at documenting your cooking.

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