Sunflower, sesame and cumin bread

Sesame, Sunflower and Cumin bread

For Christmas, my parents found us a great breadmaker from Macy’s. We’d stipulated that we didn’t want to spend much on a breadmaker because we could never bring it home (the aage-old US vs rest-of-the-world voltage issues), so they were best-pleased with themselves to find a display piece at a bargain basement price just because it didn’t come with a box and had a small, almost unnoticeable mark. Which meant we spent Christmas morning hard at work making bread at the same time as walking our neighbours’ dog!

I’ve never been much a fan of supermarket bread, being the fussy kind who hates chewy “crusts” (I mean, how could it possibly be a crust if it’s no longer crusty?). So a breadmaker with the ability to set the timer for breakfast seemed the ideal thing in a city where it’s not so easy to get fresh bread if you don’t drive.

The recipe is from the user’s manual, but was fairly adventurous due to the addition of cumin seeds to what would otherwise be a bog-standard seed loaf. Also, not being well-prepared ingredient-wise, we had to make do with all purpose flour (the US version of plain white flour). And it still worked! I think this is one appliance we will make use of, however busy we are.


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