I cannae believe it: Scotland scored the *first* try against France!

And as I post this, it’s 10-0…

It’s been near impossible to catch any of the 6 Nations here.

Update: It’s noo 13-3. Chicken-counter P is a wee bit upset that France managed to claw back 3 points before half-time. Him and the other pre-hatch numerators are going to jinx us!

Update: We’re sitting in stunned silence. Can’t quite believe our ears. The last ten minutes were too tense!

This is the best start to a Six Nations campaign in at least a decade. Could it finally be the payoff of having three pro Scottish teams? The maturation of what was a young side a couple of years ago? Change in management style? Certainly, the game sounded less negative than it’s looked for the last three 6 Nations. And relieving Chris Paterson of too many responsibilities sounds like it’s improved his kicking accuracy. Then again, it’s like when Gregor Townsend was playing: when Paterson has a good game, Scotland has a good chance of winning. And having a few fast feet pushing the game forward changes the way the rest of the team plays. This doesn’t change the way Scotland seems to tire towards the end; this time, they could at least play 20 good minutes in the 2nd half, where before they’d be too knackered to defend. France gained a lot of ground and scuppered their chances with two missed conversions, which places some doubt on their chances this year.

Count your chickens all you like; this victory is enough for me.


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