what world cup?

As far as most sporting games are concerned, I tend to lend my support to my adopted home of Scotland, even though they suck at football, cricket, rugby… You name it, they suck at it. On the world stage, when Scotland don’t qualify for whatever World Cup is on that year, I generally cheer on all the other British and Irish teams. So, that will be England and Ireland for the footie, and Wales for the cricket. Ha. Not being a true Scot, I don’t have an automatic, born-with hate of the Sassenachs. And they’re usually entertaining enough to warrant my interest anyway.

So, it’s with no compunction whatsoever that when the Ashes are played, unlike the Scottish tabloids, I give my misplaced yet wholehearted support to the underdogs: the English. And like every other cricket fan who is not pro-Aussie, I suffer. Mind you, the suffering is less great when you can’t even watch the damn tests. A number on a website is a lot easier to quickly erase from your memory.

It gets complicated when both teams end up in the same championship. But they tend to be separated into different groups. And Scotland sucking at everything means the teams usually don’t meet (apart from the odd game or so… but it’s been a couple of decades. at least). So this time round, I was trying to work out how or when the Auld Enemies would pit bowlers and batsmen against each other.

Then this happens. If you’re 203 short in an ODI, even if you are playing possibly the best side of the tournament, maybe it’s time to start saying things like “It’s the taking part that matters” or “At least our fielders can catch the ruddy ball”. But I’m proud of Scotland. They took on a giant and didn’t flinch. (OK, they might have. I dunno. I don’t get to watch any cricket in this god-forsaken country! Not even the ruddy highlights!!) From the blow-by-blow account, courtesy of the Beeb, it looks like underdogs made a valiant attempt to limit the run rate, but were out-classed. And in typical Scotland fashion (at least in rugby.nobody mention the 6-nations please. it hurts), gave too much at the beginning and suffered at the very end.

It may make more sense for someone from the Asia-Pacific region to cheer on the best of the local talent, especially when one can choose from giants like the All Blacks or even the Aussies. But once you’ve lived and supported in Scotland, it seems so traitorous to go glory-seeking in Australasia. Here’s to many more decades of cheering wildly whenever Scotland score a collective century.


2 thoughts on “what world cup?

  1. He he, well I’m off to watch the Rugby tomorrow night, first Ireland then Scotland 😉 So the first ever Rugby match I actually watch will be after midnight in a crowded Irish pub in Roppongi on St. Patricks day. Can’t go wrong can I 😉

  2. Good choice! The Irish are totally mad for their team, even during the down times… When they visit Murrayfield to play Scotland, I’m always so tempted to join in their rugby anthem… “Ireland, Ireland, together standing tall; Shoulder to shoulder, we’ll answer Ireland’s call.” Very rousing!

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