blame your choice of holidays

…on some new religion that he found
they didn’t know his faith was earthly bound
Mika, Billy Brown|Life in Cartoon

is it wrong to really like such a frivolous album? the mood and melodies may seem frivolous, but the lyrics belie the deep wounds the writer must have borne at some time.

i love the vocal acrobatics, the use of many many voices. but honestly, there are only 2-3 songs that make it out of the album and onto the ipod.


One thought on “blame your choice of holidays

  1. I’ve yet to find anyone here in the UK who *doesn’t* like the album. Like you say, a sonically fun’n’frivulous album with lyrics that just stick in your head.

    Shame the guy who sings “Big girls, you are beautiful” is just about the only guy who won’t be with them…

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