Reds? What reds? Do we care anymore?

So, I don’t really care that much anymore1, but enough to look for some coverage that doesn’t involve having to refresh the BBC or Guardian pages every few minutes. Now, we can’t get Five Live over the internet (outside the UK) when they have live commentary because of the whole licence fee issue. For previous events, like the Six Nations, we’ve managed to get round it by listening to the relevant local station (like Radio Scotland, Wales or NI). This time, a quick try of Radio Merseyside was unsuccessful. That loophole has been closed. 😦

But without meaning to spoil the field for the future, I’ve found radio coverage! I’m not telling you where… Keeping shtum.

1 I am still interested. I may not care either way regarding the results, but I still want to follow good fitba.

2 just as well we follow Scotland then, eh?


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