Summer in California

D+K again, originally uploaded by framboise.

We poottled up to North California for a week in Sonoma County (north of San Fran for you non-Californians). And spent a week poottling back down the coast. The photos are slowly being uploaded and when the dog has some time, she might contribute a post or two about her holiday.

Update: First attempt to upload a video clip. Apologies for the poor lighting, direction, sound quality etc. And do pay heed to what happens around 15 seconds in. No trick stones or hired stuntpersons were used.


2 thoughts on “Summer in California

  1. i love all the river photos in your flickr stream. there’s a great painterly quality about them. except for the Dog, who looks very real and very much like she’d like to be elsewhere.

  2. I thank Photoshop… Highlights/shadows adjuster that makes up for my lack of ability to set correct exposure/use fiters.

    The madam (aka dog) has issues. Much like her slaves.

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