Sober up; bottled Brown ale all round

Curious Hamster is back to posting1, and as usual, I’m nodding my head in agreement with much of his observations on the state of British politics. I’ve been thinking recently, what with the deification of Boris Johnson. Oh, what’s that? He’s just running for mayor? Oh that’s alright then. Anyway. It got me to thinking about the damage the Blair era of lies2 had done to politics, let alone the state of the nation. And how it needed a shake-up of sorts. A way of focusing on workable policies instead of false promises. Ah ha ha ha. How naive. Cameron’s rehearsed speech did nothing for me. Quite like the inquisitive hamster, it had me in stitches instead. But the comparison of Cameron to Blair with the pronouncement of accompanying doom was sobering. There is no alternative to Brown. Whatever the News of the World‘s poll says, Labour is still pretty much in power and will be at least for another general election. Whenever Brown has the guts to call it. Sobering.

1 He’s been back for a while, but I haven’t. So it’s taking me some time to get through his recent posts.

2 Oops. Sorry. It’s this broken keyboard of mine. I meant spin of course.


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