No time for a full-blown rant

Bereft of inspiration for today’s mindnumbingly boring post, I give you… Mini rants:

  • How on earth can I possibly know by webinfiltration of my brain that Ewen MacGregor is Iago in a new production of Othello and not know who is playing the title role1?
  • Does Wendy Alexander really think she can detract us from the dodgy donations by calling for a review into Holyrood’s financial accountability? (Or if you’re anti-independence or pro-Labour, you might instead be ranting about why she’s being targeted on the Donorgate affair…)
  • What’s the weird metal thing on the mouse’s heid? It had better be vernier callipers or some such.
  • Should MSM give loonies the attention they crave? I guess there’s a small amount of interest in Mitt Romney due to his Welsh significant other, but to highlight some loony’s criticism of her is bigging up a minor issue.
  • And my final bitter rant. Why are American passport photos a different size from everywhere else in the world? And why do we always come out looking especially ugly in them?

Incidentally, if anyone foody is reading this, I could do with some suggestions of a simple (REALLY simple) recipe for a tart/cake that I can make for a work X-word party this Sunday. I’ve done variations on shortbread for far too long when stumped for time. And it’s a bit late for a fruitcake, although I’m tempted by Delia’s super-fast fruitcake recipe. But I’d have to start tonight. And I can’t because I’m going to see Evelyn Glennie in concert at the Royce Hall…

1 Having finally clicked the link, it has finally been revealed that the gorgeous Chiwetel Ejiofor2 is Othello. But it still grates…
2 He was the absolute best in Kinky Boots, wasn’t he? And Serenity…


6 thoughts on “No time for a full-blown rant

  1. i believe obi-wan is getting the majority of the press because he’s not very good in it. no one likes good news, apparently.

    fruit salad counts as a dessert in la: cut up a bunch of fruit. squeeze in some fresh lime juice and/or pour a bottle of prosecco over it, garnish with mint.

    easy, decadent chocolate cake:
    preheat oven 400˚F.
    1.melt 200g of butter and 200g of dark chocolate.
    2. add 250g of sugar.let cool slightly.
    3. add 5 eggs one by one, mixing well after each.
    4. add one tablespoon of flour, mix well. pour batter in a parchment lined pan, bake for 25 minutes.
    5. leave in pan for 15 minutes, then turn onto rack to completely cool. dust with cocoa. or not.

  2. Chotda, my saviour… May the Force be with you!

    Here I was thinking of making another stand-by: layers of pancakes interleaved with stewed apple slices. That would have taken me at least an arvo… Or sachetorte, which would probably have developed a sunken centre…

  3. oh yum. you can always make the pancakes and apples for me instead….or sachertorte.

    how was evelyn glennie? i’ve never seen her live, just live on dvd/tv. the cds just don’t have the same impact.

    let me know if the cake worked out for you. now that it’s too late, i’ll tell you i’ve only ever made these in cupcake/mini-cupcake form and they’ve turned out marvellously.

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