chocolate it is

Righty then. It’s only 7 days into my month of daily posting, and I’m already flagging. Work is interrupting my plans for a chilled December1. But it also brings fodder for posting in the form of the mega-lab party. My two labs are having a joint party on Sunday, which kind of interrupts my working weekend, but can’t complain and all that. And I’ve offered to provide some dessert. Normally, I’d spend the whole week before making a range of cakes and biscuits. This time, I have Saturday afternoon to complete the task. And the finished product must be transportable by bus because my chauffeur will be away camping in the mountains2.

So, thanks very much to Chotda for her suggestion, which will take the shape of variation 1 on a theme of chocolate mini-cakes. For the other variations on a theme of chocolate3, I turn to the other woman who can cook: Delia for a very chocolatey mousse, red-nose chocolate muffins, and another of her chocolate mousse recipes (using eggs AND whipped cream) that I’ve scribbled in my recipe book.

Tomorrow will be Temptation Day, where I try my best not to eat all the creations before the party on Sunday.

1 Excuses, excuses…
2 The things people will do to avoid the mega-lab party… One colleague has even flown to Japan to escape us all…3 I realise some people don’t like chocolate. Well, tough. I’m tired of catering for everyone’s little food likes/dislikes and allergies. Well, maybe not the allergies.


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