that the Doctor is leaving. I’ve only just watched The Runaway Bride!

Attempts to pace ourselves at one episode a week to eke the third series DVDs out failed miserably and we succumbed to watching Freema Ageyaman’s first episode.

Opening the book for bets on how many episodes I end up watching while Mr P is away home for 3 weeks while I’m stuck here doing crapass experiments. Starting bids?

Update: I see they were only having a laugh. Ha bloody ha.


4 thoughts on “Rumours

  1. boo! no P for xmas? just you and K to wait up for santa?

    did you see the final episode of “extras”? ricky gervais’ character ends up playing a space slug in an episode of “dr.who”.

    you’ll end up watching the third series at least twice over. except the last episode so you can tell P you only watched part of series.

    have you seen/heard of a movie called “flood” starring robert carlyle and that guy who plays poirot? it was on basic cable last night (fx, i think). it’s one of those bombastic ’70s-style disaster moofies on a british film company budget. there’s a scene where the town of wick in scotland gets wiped out by a superflood. i thought it might make you a little nostalgic šŸ™‚

  2. Never watched “extras”. Swapped cable for the dog. Starting to think cable would have been a lot less hassle, even where Adelphia/Time Warner are concerned. Fully dependent on local DVD shop, iTunes and youtube for all TV fixes now.

    I give myself one more week before I succumb to watching Dr Who. Am currently geeking out on Naruto on youtube….

  3. might be a lahndun thing. probably picked it up watching eastenders or summat*.

    dog is definitely better than cable. also better than the gym. plus i can walk the dog to the $1/DVD store.

    *probably picked up summat watching coronation street. not that i watch soap operas. it’s that Mr P…

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