Menu for Hope

There’s one day left to enter the raffle for this year’s Menu for Hope. $10 to obtain one raffle ticket with all proceeds will be going to a school lunch program in Lesotho.

My nearest “outpost” is posted at Rasa Malaysia1: West Coast of the USA.

It all looks really good, but I can’t decide which raffle to enter. Better get a move on though; less than 24 hours left!!

Update: Went the wine route… Figured since I spent so much on wine over the summer, I might as well continue the trend.

1 How could I have never come across that blog? Clearly, I need to spend even more time online and less working…


4 thoughts on “Menu for Hope

  1. It’s probably too late now, but I noticed on the Chez Pim site that there’s a list of “great odds” which will double the pleasure of giving by increasing your chances of winning an actual prize. But, as we were all taught as children, the act of giving is REWARD itself… Bah, humbug. Plz to send me my gift-wrapped Nintendo Wii now.

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