For the love of a shopping cart

Loving my latest bag. No, I didn’t get the Mulberry in the end. Probably wasn’t Fair Trade and all… Instead, I splurged on… A shopping trolley. Yes, the type your granny has. They were ubiquitous in the wet markets of Singapore, lugging freshly sac-ed chicken carcasses down slick tiled alleys between the fish, pork and veg stalls. And they were the province of grannies going for their messages in Edinburgh.

My Tartan Trolley for the 21st century:

Granny Trolley

I am officially an old lady now. Bring on the blue-rinse and perm.


5 thoughts on “For the love of a shopping cart

  1. if you take that to the samo farmer’s market, the tall white guy who is giving you the evil eye will be my friend michael–he HATES those things because people run over his feet all the time with them.

    oooh, which mulberry did you want? i had a very handbaggy xmas–i received 5 as gifts this year.

  2. Michael should count himself lucky; SaMoFM is just a bit too far for me to walk to. My victims of choice will be at the West LA market on Santa Monica Blvd and Butler. Not as bustling as the SaMo Main St FM, but has good veggies and friendly crepe, ribs, tamale and omelet stall holders. And a really nice French baker -both the bread and the guy .

    New Year’s resolution: to try the Virginia market, which is now possible with my magic trolley!

    The Mulberry in question was theBayswater model in a darker, more mahogany leather. For $1000, I could buy a small MacBook or 10 OLPC laptops (which at that time would also have paid for an equivalent 10 for an underprivileged child somewhere). Or a return flight to the UK at peak season. Still, it is a very nice bag.

  3. it’s sort of a rustic birkin, innit. or if that guy in silence of the lambs had made a birkin from human skin….that should make you feel better about not buying it 🙂

    i like the one you bought better. esp now, after that buffalo bill reference.

  4. Ooooh, I really really wanted an “old lady shopping bag” when I was in Tokyo, but hubby shamed me out of it, so I made Libby carry a doggie back pack and help me haul back milk and stuff. Yours is really pretty though! Hubby would’ve probably said yes to that one.

  5. Hi Lynn,
    The granny trolley is brill; it saves our shoulders from the strain of milk and orange juice… I think P would rather I chose a plain one instead of this florid contraption. But hey; it’s a shopping bag.

    We tried the back pack on our dog to no avail; she won’t move once it’s strapped on… She has issues.

    Yo Chotda,
    Yaaars… It never occurred to me how human-like the leather was… I think I be staying far far far away from you before you get ideas…

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