Nail SOCPA before it nails you

Just a quickie while I grapple with iMovie to make yet another dire home video and struggle with the RAW files off the beast.

In the run-up to the public consultation on the authoritarian SOCPA laws, various liberal-leaning folk like Curious Hamster and Tim Ireland have been discussing looseness of such laws and the potential for abuse of power in interpreting said laws. As a generally liberal-leaning person, it’s a given that I agree. Furthermore, having lived in an authoritarian state, I urge you to think about what would happen if the no-demo area was extended further. You would soon end up in a situation not unlike Singapore, where even Critical Mass rides require prior police permission, and even then may have caveats (via). Even worse, it breeds an entire generation that dare not raise its head too far above the parapet1. Chilling, no? Best do something about it then.

1 Something like that Japanese proverb: “The nail that sticks its head up is the one that gets hit.


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